Satanic Warmaster - Funeral Wolves

from by Metal Asylum Promotions



Taken from the album "Fimbulwinter" (Werewolf)


Come come
the wolves of my funeral
and rend this flesh

Stab your knives
onto my coffin
to kill the sorrow

Silence the miseries
of this life
and let my soul wander

Wolves' circle
a foul cenotaph
my entrance into the void

In silent dimness the candle's flicker stirs
the keys of my journey to beyond

Into an empire of darkness
your horned sphere
the typhonian throne

Under the sign
of the imperial shadow
I reap my crown

Father of wolves
fallen eminence
the one to whom I kneel

Within the chambers
of my evil heart
your flame burns eternal

In silent dimness the candle's flicker stirs
the keys of my journey to beyond

Black sorcery of death
pestilent supremacy
endless surge of grief and total darkness
bewitched in a lunar shroud
hearken the fullmoon spell
funeral order of my wolven legion
towards perdition under the goatsign

Where the majestic horns await in mysterious silence
Where the ravens forever cry in moonlight
where the storms coil in mayhem across the horizon
The final covenant in darkness
when I kneel before satan's throne


from Wailings from the Metal Asylum vol. 2, track released November 14, 2014
All music and lyrics by Werwolf



all rights reserved


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